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    Puja Items for general Puja at home
    Puja Items admin
    admin on Sunday, December 15, 2013
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    Puja Items and what you need to Do

    Bhakti and Bhauna is very important for your Puja. (Gita says- have a good spirit of Bhakti and Bhauna for the lord and be committed, you will reach the gods Devine Palace and all the prays will be Blessed and answered by the lord.)

    PUJA SAMAGRI for Home Pujas

    1. Elaichi , Lawang , Huldi , Chandan , Sandur , Gulal , Kumkum .
    2. Havan Samagri 1 Pkt.
    3. Agarbatti 1 Pkt
    4. Supari 20 Pcs.
    5. Red Cloth 1 Yd.
    6.Yellow Thread 1
    7. Cotton wool for Deep
    8. Hawan Kund 1
    9. Mango Wood for Havan
    10. Bhagwaan ki Murti or Photos - Ganesh ,Gauri , and the Main Deity.
    11. Rice 1 Bowl.
    12. Milk , Yogurt , Ghee, Honey , Sugar
    13.. Almonds , Sultana etc.
    14. Get other things that you or your family might have offered to the lord as a normal family practice.
    15. Attar (INCENSE) 1
    16.Coins (money)
    17. Matches

    18. Coconut or Supari for Kalash- Plus 1 extra if you want it for Purna ahuti
    19. Flowers 1 Bowl
    20. Paan leaves 15
    21. Mango Leaves 10
    22. Kush Grass
    23. Dub Grass
    24. Tulsi leaves
    25. Make one or Couple of Malas(garlands)


    For Prasad
    26. Khir
    27.puri - 5
    28. Sweets ,4 Laddu etc
    29. Halwa
    30. Prasadam - 5 Types of friuts
    31. Fruits - 5 Whole.
    32. Panchaminit (only made of Milk , Yagut ,Ghee, Honey , Sugar ) - Do not add friuts

    Extra for Sat Narayan Vrat Katha
    Clothes (vastra)
    banana leaves
    baash Leaves & 5 bottles water

    Extra for Rot Puja
    1 Jandi & barsh
    Make 7 Rots


    Extra for Shiv Puja
    chana & Black urdi
    Bell Patra


    Extra for Navgraha
    Please buy a cupful of anaj each and 3 of each different fruits
    9 Anaj & 9 friuts
    Different color Flowers
    9 Dhatu
    9 Tape water
    Coloured clothes ( (see Navgrah info page for Colours)click here)
    Black til & musard oil
    1 Black Thread


    Lota 3,
    Katories 8 for chandan , Huldi etc
    Thalies 4 for arti etc.
    2 GLASS
    3 Teaspoons
    3 Tablespoons

    Samagri Required for Personal Puja

    Parshad -
    Halwa if you want
    Khir and Puri - if Puja got Hawan/Yagna
    Hawan Samagri
    Coconut or Supari
    Mango Leaves
    Dhub Glass
    Vaastra (cloths) for Main Deity
    Brahaman Dakshina
    Samagri -See Puja samagri list on the Left hand side


    For Major Pujas ( Group Puja)

    Parshad -
    Halwa if you want
    Khir and Puri - if Puja got Hawan/Yagna
    Hawan Samagri
    Coconut or Supari
    Mango Leaves
    Dhub Glass
    Coconut or Supari
    Murtis -Ganesh , Shiv etc
    Vaastra (cloths) for Main Deity
    Brahaman Dakshina
    Lota 2
    Thalies 4 for arti etc.

    Steps to Follow for Preparation:

    Make the Prasadam- cut the friuts , Cook Some hulwa , Make panchaminit , Cook Khir and Puri

    Wash the 5 - 7 whole fruits and donot cut them.

    Wash Paan Leaves , Mango leaves and dub grass and put them in 1 tray

    Put all the Samagris in 1 Tray in small seperate Bowls- Elaichi , Lawang , Huldi , Chandan, Sandur , Gulal etc.

    Put all flowers in 1 thali and also make 1 or more Phool mala

    Clean the Coconut and leave the top for Kalash

    Organise a bucket of water.

    Also organise Dakshina for the Brahmin -as required after the Puja.

    Mix the hawan samagri with ghee and Rice

    It is your responsibility to prepare and organise things for the Puja , Make sure your things out of Plastics and set it in the Trays or Katories

    If you are having a Rot Puja then prepare 7 Rots and get a Jandi and Clean the Baarsh.

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