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    Puja admin
    admin on Tuesday, January 27, 2015
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    • Puja – usually refers to ritual worship of the murti
    • Bhajan – adoration; indicates worship with love. Often refers to devotional singing or the hymns themselves
    • Seva – indicates service (and the appropriate mood of worship)
    • Yajna – sacrifice (an important aspect of worship)
    • Jaap/Yoga - The dhyan yoga

    The early morning hours are the most peaceful and conducive for worship, prayer and meditation.

    Hindu worship encompasses a broad range of activities, including even dance and drama (see Expressions of Faith).

    Hindu worship displays a number of distinct features:

    1. The presence of the Divine is perceived in diverse ways and tends to be inclusive. Thus, there is a complex array of focuses of worship
    2. Worship often takes place outside the temple, especially in the home or can be inside a temple too.
    3. There are no specific days of worship, though days of the week are associated with particular deities (e.g. Shiva is honoured on Monday and Hanuman on Tuesday).
    4. The time of day is important. The hours on either side of dawn are considered most auspicious for worship, for they are influenced by the quality of goodness (Prakriti and Guna is important too).
    5. Worship is often more spontaneous and less tightly regulated, and individuals are usually quite free to join  ceremonies at their own will.
    6. God can be worshipped with awe and reverence but also with warmth, joy, and affection, as if He is a close friend or a loved one.
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