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  • Amawasya
    Amawasya admin
    admin on Wednesday, August 26, 2020
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    Please read the whole article for better understanding.

    Good day to reduce the Effects of Pitra dosh or Doshit Yog in your Chart thru Sun

    How to identify Pitra Dosh :

    1. Kids not getting married on time

    2. Divorce

    3. Too much Disputes in the house

    4. Miscarriage

    5. Major Sickness

    6. Continuous financial problems

    7. Akaal mrityu in family (Look back in your family history, someone might have being killed in your family by abnormal means)


    Dhan Dharma -

    1. Do Pitra Dhan to Bhramins : Lawang and Black Til (Important) Other things may include (Rice, Flour, Sugar, Oil etc etc)

    2. Feed Poor (Old People)


    Puja -

    1. Its a good day for Pitra Puja too, if you want to organise with a Pundit for Pitra Dosh Nivaran.


    Pitra Argya (offering water)

    1. Offer 3 lotas of water to Pitras - facing south

    2. use this Mantra 3 times - Om Pitra Devaye namah - argham samarpayami - Om Pitra dosham Pramukshate.

    What is Pitra Dosha

    1. You have done something wrong in past lives.

    2. Your Pitras have done something wrong in their life

    3. Or something major (wrong) is done in your Kul

    All this comes under your Kul Dharma and Pitra Dharma


    So your duty is also to clear all those karmas for for the benefit of yourself and your generations to come. Or else this will continue and effect Kids, grand kids etc in future. The souls get stuck in narak or are not liberated from Preta yoni. So its your responsibility to clear things for your Pitras too.

    This will help you to start getting positive energy in your life.

    REMEMBER : don't be afraid of this dhans or Pitra Pujas etc, you don't have to do this on every amavasya, You can do this in any amavasya, either 1 or 12, it does not matter. (The more the better)

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