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    admin on Thursday, December 24, 2020
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    1 - Current Dates [11]

    Any Type of Vishnu Puja is Auspicious and highly recommended within the Tithi (Tithi could last 2 days) (to derive maximum benefit)  
    Brisbane – Friday 25th Dec
    NZ & Fiji – Saturday 26th Dec
    India – Friday 25th Dec
    Vancouver & Los Angeles– Friday  25th Dec
    Brisbane – Friday 25th Dec
    Ekadashi Tithi  starts - 03:47 AM, Dec 25th
    Ekadashi Tithi  upto 06:24 am  Dec 26th
    NZ & Fiji – Saturday 26th Dec
    Ekadashi Tithi  starts - 06:47 AM, Dec 25th
    Ekadashi Tithi  upto 09:24 am  Dec 26th
    India – Friday 25th Dec
    Ekadashi Tithi  starts - 11:17 pm, Dec 24th
    Ekadashi Tithi  upto 01:54 am  Dec 26th
    Vancouver & Los Angeles– Friday  25th Dec
    Ekadashi Tithi  starts – 9.47 am, Dec 24th
    Ekadashi Tithi  upto 12.24pm Dec 25th

    1.Shukla Ekadashi is a  24hr Vrat. Strict fast on Ekadashi day (this starts only at sunrise for this ekadashi ) until next day only after sunrise (recommended)


    2. Sunrise to Sunset (only eat something sweet after sunrise, cooked or uncooked) MAY Drink water or Milk only 1 time only during the day)


    3. Apatti Kaal (in abnormal circumstance) Sickness, Old age, Natural disaster etc.

    . You can eat & drink (together) - 2 times during the day - sweet food or fruits only.



    1. observe fasting without water

    2. or with only water (drink only 1 time)

    3. or with only fruits only, (eat only1 time)

    4. or with only Milk (drink only1 time)

    5. Dhyan yog, not too much talking

    6. Mantra Jaap / Listening to dharmic music

    7. Vishnu Mantra dhyan / Puja

    8. Next morning finish the vrat after a Puja


    You may decide type of vrat before starting the fast.and be consistent thru out the Vrat duration.

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