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  • Hanuman Puja offering ROT at Home
    Hanuman Puja offering ROT at Home admin
    admin on Wednesday, August 26, 2020
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    Hanuman Puja offering ROT at Home

    Take some rice and flower and Pray

    4 times – Drop water in front of Murti

    Offer Chandan, Huldi

    SINDHUR offering is very important

    Recite “Om Hum Hanumate Namah “-28 times and offer Sindhur with the mantra

    Offer Prasad (Rot and Other Prasad)

    Offer Tulsi after Prasad

    offer Water


    Do 108 Hamuman Mantra or Hanuman Chalisa


    Do Arti at the End

    Om jai Jagdish Hare or with Hanuman Chalisa


    Recite or Listen to Hanuman chalisa or Bhajrang Baan or Shankat Mochan OR all.


    Om Shanti , Shanti , Shanti and drop a teaspoon water in front of Hanumanji



    Make Rot

    Fruits and / or Halwa / or Khir or Any Prasad






    When can you Do this Puja

    1. Any Saturdays or Tuesdays (Around Sunrise time is the Best)

    2. During Hanuman Jayanti



    1. You can use any mantras You know , I normally give Naam Mantras or Bheej Mantras. Its Easy to recite and you will not make any mistake.

    2. All offering can be done using the same mantra

    eg: For Dhyan , Om Shree Ganeshaye namah “

    For Prasad - Om Shree Ganeshaye namah “

    3. Naam mantras and Bheej Mantra are also Extremely Powerful eg “ Om namo bhagwate Vasudevaye”

    4. If you not Sure about any mantras, Please use simple mantras with good Bhavna


    How mantras work and Puja works

    Everytime you do Puja, you may feel that it is not working at times, but Cleansing Process takes time.

    Its called “Chita Sudhi” Every puja helps from Within , may not be always materialistically.

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